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Here at Tiffany's Cakes, we make custom cakes for all occasions! Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Graduation Cakes, Smash Cakes, Celebration cakes and more.


  • Birthday Cakes
  • Wedding Cakes
  • Graduation Cakes
  • Custom Cakes
  • Smash Cakes
  • Celebration Cakes


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Tiffany's Cakes

Happiness comes in all kinds of packages, shapes and sizes! I want to bring you and your loved ones that happiness in the form of a cake! A cake for well-wishes, celebration, and the display of love! Making cakes in my kitchen with a low over-head, provides you with a fabulous cake without a hefty price tag! All Milestones, Holidays and Special Occasions should be celebrated with cake... Let's Celebrate!!!!